Thursday, May 16, 2013

"On The Edge" Launch and Giveaway Next Week!!

Agh!  I suck at blogging all the time, I know it.  Sorry.  However, I think you'll forgive me this time.


Because next week I'm launching the next Gavin English novel.  So I've been writing and editing an writing and editing and writing... you get the picture.

I know, I'm supposed to be doing that stuff all the time, right? 

Yep, and I have been.  But in the last few weeks the juices have been flowing like crazy.  I've finished the novella, On The Edge (Gavin English Stories), started two new books (both horror related, both pretty exciting), and... AND...  AND! I've been working on promotion for the launch of On The Edge.

But Ken, I thought you sucked at promotion (awkward question mark implied)?

Oh, Timmy (yes, today I've named you Timmy.  I think we're both okay with it) I do suck at promotion.  But I'm trying.  To The Bone (The first Gavin English novella, just in case you didn't know that already) is going to be free all next week in celebration of the launch of the second novella (again, it's called On The Edge.  Just in case you missed it) and I've submitted it to lots of mailing lists and websites that tell folks about free ebooks.  Hopefully, a few folks find their way to the novella, read it really fast because it's awesome, and then click the link in the book that will take them to buy the sequel (which will be only $1.99!).

So next week, you can get To The Bone for free from Amazon (but I mean, if you wanna read it now, you can go snatch it up HERE for your Kindle device or Kindle app for only $1.99.  (My new puppy, Amelia-picture below- says it's totally worth it)

Who can argue with that?

Anyhow, other awesome things that are happening next week... hmm what to say...  Oh yeah!  Remember the last time I blogged (like eight million cups of coffee ago) and I said something about a Kindle Fire?

Oh yeah, you totes did, Ken.  What about a Kindle Fire?

I'm giving one away.  For the launch of the new Gavin English novella, I'm holding a giveaway.  There will be a 7" Kindle Fire HD with a custom, On The Edge hard case to help keep it safe.  There is also gonna be some other awesome custom stuff, but I'm saving that for next week's promo blog.  There will be pictures and everything!

So that's probably it for now.  Come back next week.  Tell your friends.  Be awesome.

Thanks for reading,
buh bye then

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