Monday, April 5, 2010

Down to it...

So I have no excuse for the laziness that swallowed the last two weeks or so. I just did nothing beneficial. At all. Oh well, I can be angry at myself and say crazy things about making up for the time I lost, or I can be realistic and pick up where I left off. That seems more constructive.

Right now, I have just under 75,000 words done. Even with all my slacking, that's a pretty big deal to me, and if I buckle down... Well, I'll be done soon. No more self setting deadlines. That kind of thing just seems to make it easier for me to miss my mark.

I'm at this weird spot in my story; I can see the end, and hell, I even know the end. But, there is a step missing between where I am, and where I need to be. It's frustrating. There seems to be this wall... just stopping me from meeting the end of this story. Should I look at changing the ending? I mean it's not written yet, but it's kind of been set in stone (in my mind) for a while now.

Do I change it, or do I just keep moving forward, having faith that it'll all come together? I think it will, but I also think I need to be open to the possibility of change here. Hmmm... I guess we'll see.

On a personal note, I'm psyched because this Thursday, I'm scheduled to get my first tattoo :) It's been a plan that I've hmmm'd and haah'd, but I finally just made the appointment, and now I can't wait. I guess sometimes you just need to make the decision.

Ok, that's it for now