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Two teenage girls go missing in the span of one year- both are labeled runaways and forgotten by the system.

Forgotten, until Rachel, a determined mother, walks into the office of private investigator, Gavin English. She needs to know for sure what's happened to her daughter, Jennifer. A nice pair of legs and a little cash go a long way, so he's on the case.

When the mangled body of the first runaway is found downtown, and all the signs point to a cannibal, Gavin worries that Jennifer may suffer the same fate. Can he find the girl, and the killer, before it's too late?

To The Bone is a bloody, dark, and sexy Psychological Thriller, and the first Gavin English novella.

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Things are going well for private detective, Gavin English, now that everyone in town seems to know his name. He's making good money, people are buying his drinks, and he even has a sexy new receptionist.

But when the Reno Police Department brings him in on a homicide case, Gavin doesn't see things as cut-n-dry as everyone else.

While Gavin digs into the case, hoping to find a killer and save an innocent man at the same time, his best friend, Police Lieutenant David Reeves, is busily falling in love with a young girl who has a dangerous and blood-stained past. 

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Gavin English isn't in Chicago searching for an unfaithful woman's wedding ring out of the goodness of his heart. He's doing it for the fifty thousand dollar check the unfaithful woman gave him. All he has to do is track down the pretty boy who stole it—in one of the biggest cities in the country.

Lucky for Gavin, ex-police Lieutenant Jack Daniels knows her way around the city—her city—and she's agreed to set aside her mommy duties for a few days, so that she can babysit him and his assistant while they're in town.

But somewhere between Gavin's visit to the busted-down crackhouse and their stop at a low-rent donut shop, Jack's peaceful babysitting gig turns deadly and the bullets start flying.

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Slivers is a collection of four unconnected short that show little pieces of every day darkness.

1: From Under The City

2: The Other Guy

3: Broken Headlight

4: Scent of Fear

Plus a bonus excerpt from To The Bone