Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kickstarter! And Other Stuff...

Hello, all you lovely peoples you. Sorry I've been so sketchy about posting lately, there's just been a lot going on. I'm sure you understand, right? Riiiight? Yeah, that's what I figured. ;)

So, hey! As of yesterday I launched my very own Kickstarter campaign to help me to be able to afford to finish The Fight for Caithiir, as it should be done. Since the release of The River Runes I have found more mistakes in editing in the book and I would like to give it another pass. Actually I would like to be able to get a pro in there to get that baby all cleaned up. If my campaign is successful, I will be using the funds for editing, marketing, cover art, etc... toward all three of the books in the series.

The bottom line: I want these books to go as far as they can, and for that to happen they need I better start than I can give them on my own.

Please check out my Kickstarter page, even if you can't be a backer, any and all encouragement is super-appreciated. Kickstarter is a great place that helps indie artists of all types by giving them a platform where they can raise funds for the work that they love. You should definitely check it out.

In other news... hehe, I've always wanted to say that. I am probably going to continue to not be around very frequently as I dive more into work and writing and getting stuff done. I'll do my best to post at least once a week to let everyone know how things are going. I still a owe a couple more indie book reviews, but after that I may just stop doing reviews altogether. At least for a while.

Well, I think that's it, thanks for stopping by!
buh bye then

Monday, August 8, 2011

Indie Book Review #6

Wow am I a slacker! Sorry for skipping out again last week, but I have a review for you today:)

The novel:
Castles: A Fictional Memoir of a Girl with Scissors. Castles is a is a horror/revenge story written by Benjamin X. Wretlind.

Goodreads Description:
When Maggie was six, she hid from desert storms under the sink where the Comet and Windex were kept. Now twenty, she welcomes the storms. Maggie has been abused, torn apart by the sins of others and constantly feels as if she is living on the verge of some grand epiphany. Then again, she may just be insane. Maggie doesn't know if the four bodies she dismembered and placed inside a rusted Volkswagen Bus are the only bricks left to her castle in the sky, but she hopes you'll understand if they're not. Castles is Maggie's story, a literary horror novel about love and redemption, belief and revenge and what brings a person to madness. Set in a nameless desert in a nameless town, it is the view into the life of a young woman who wonders if madness is really mad.

Wow. As some of you may already know, I am a huge fan of Stephen King. If someone had handed me Castles, and asked me to guess the author, I would have said King without much doubt in my mind. This story is well written and fast paced and I devoured it in something like three hours.

Right from the beginning you fall in love with Maggie, a young girl who has had a very tough life. Abusive men, a cold and distant mother, and a grandmother that seems to hold things together, while at the same time seems to be losing her mind.

Benjamin made me care about his characters and the story, and he did so by showing us their lives, rather than telling us we should care about them. The only complaint I could even imagine is that I wish the story could have continued. The paperback weighs in at about 188 pages, and Castles is available in both paperback and ebook format.

Five Stars!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Back :)

Wow, hey there! Long time, no see. Sorry about that.

Sometimes life just gets in the way. I'm sorry that I have been absent for so long, things have just been... well, crazy. I should be able to get back into schedule now. Things will be just as they were, Mon-Wed-Fri, with indie book reviews on Fridays.

Unfortunately, I don't have much writing news for you right now, since I haven't been doing much of it in the last few weeks. Again, I should be getting back on track now.

In the meantime, here's something to make you laugh: