Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Some Stuff

Hey there fun seeker :)

So I don't have a lot to write about today, just trying to get work done on Clockwork Charlie, waiting for cover art, and also waiting on editing stuff. Phew.

I am however also trying to find an artist that would be interested in working on a weekly webcomic with me. It is a comedy/fantasy story, and I think it'll be tons of fun. It's just crazy hard to find an artist that is willing to put the time into something like this, and I just do not have the talent for it. But I have faith that someone will come along, hopefully soon.

Also, we have leveled up *PING* and obtained a fuzzy puppy. Actually we got him almost two months ago, but I'm writing about him just now. His name is Willie, and he's some kind of border collie/Shepard/mutt mix. He's a ton of fun, really smart, and currently shedding more than any beast has the right to.

Lastly(ish), To the gym with me! Or, at least that's the plan. My girlfriend and I have decided that I need to lose this Winter weight (that I've gained by eating her delicious cooking all Winter) and thusly, we will be hitting the gym mon/wed/fri. So, wish me luck :)

I suppose that's it for today,
thanks for reading,
buh bye then


  1. hmmm...comedy/fantasy webcomic...tell me more. Sounds interesting.

  2. It's about an inn called the Pink Raven, and the adventures that frequent it. There will be monsters and battles and storylines and lots of ale. Adult humor and stories are sure to be rampant.

  3. umm, that should say "adventurers" :)

  4. Wishing you luck for both:writing and gyming. :)