Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting Focused

Oh twitter, you waste more time than anything that only allows 140 should have the right to. Oh well, tweet-tweet-twitty.

I don't know how many of my writer friends/acquaintances actually work with a schedule, but I am starting one. It seems very daunting, but I know it's necessary for the journey ahead. SO... here's a revised schedule, I'm putting it here in the hope that it will help to keep me more accountable-

Get up whenever puppy decides
Make coffee
Do dayjob stuff til the fam gets up
Breakfast, newspaper, more coffee with the fam until they head out
4 hours focused WIP work
Free social networking and interwebz until fam returns home

So yeah, that's probably more than you need to know about my day...
thanks for reading
buh bye then


  1. Sticking to a writing schedule does help...

  2. I commented about this exact topic just yesterday on another

    I can't keep to daily schedules. Life, work and my cat always seem to get in the way. Instead I give myself a dead line to finish. My new dead line, including at least one edit, is December. So far things are going well, with 19,000 words already on the page...

  3. I've never had a real schedule, exactly, but I would set a word count and it wasn't hard to stick to.

    This time, though I'm not setting a hard word count, I believe I will hit between 8k and 10k daily. Those are huge numbers, but I know I can do it with some focus :)