Friday, March 18, 2011

Cheap Ebooks and A Quick Update

Happy Friday, sorry I'm late folks :)

There are a lot of peeps out there blogging about low cost ebooks and why you should or should not be happy about the numbers. One camp says, "hey we're getting our books out there and building a fanbase," while the other camp says, "many of the folks buying the .99 cent aren't actually reading, but hording, and that doesn't make them fans."

(both of these quotes are heavily paraphrased, mmkay?)

There is also some argument about what the books, themselves, are worth. There are people saying that if your $5 book won't sell, you should write better books. Others believe that it's okay to let your books go for less than a buck, because it's not about the money.

(I didn't use quotations that time cuz I'm lazy, but you get the point)

I am in the camp that is okay with letting go of my books for cheap. Although I would love to make some money from what I'm doing here, that isn't really the point for me. I want to write. I want folks to read what I write. I hope that at least a few of them dig what I write. Anything beyond that, for me, is gravy.

I do understand both sides, and if you fall on the other side, it's okay, we can still share some beers. I'm no hater.

And on to a few updates:
The City (not the name anymore) is still being edited and I am waiting to hear back from the artist about the cover art. Very exciting stuff, kids :)

Clockwork Charlie is rolling along nicely, currently at 13,868 words. Not as far as I'd planned, but we've had some family stuff going on, and that is always the most important.

I've blabbed on enough for today
thanks for reading
buh bye then

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