Monday, June 20, 2011

WIP Wed... err Monday, and some other stuff.

Wow, things are going crazy and I just can't seem to hit my schedule here. At least not the way I want to. Oh well! I've got some stuff to share, so share it I will.

I have been featured on the website, Lost in Fiction, and they have posted my short story, From Under The City. You can check that out RIGHT HERE.

And, I have decided to drop the price of The River Runes to $.99 on all ebook formats. My hope is that this will help me to 1. Raise sales and 2. promote Clockwork Charlie.

Speaking of, I finally have a description up for Clockwork Charlie, along with some temporary cover art. I'm not sure what the cover art will be in the end because I have a great friend of mine working on it, but for now I actually really like what I've done :) Here it is:

Also, here is the description (again, this will likely change before the book's release):

Even after building her own mechanical man, and bringing him to life, it never struck Charlene Collins that she was special. When she was younger she had dreams of being great, like the people in one of her dad's stories, but that was before the Great War and before her mother's death. Now that she's an adult, she just wants to fix cars in her father's old shop and tinker around with Mac. It's a good life, and she's happy with it...

Then, she finds out that her dad has died, off in the city. Before she even has a chance to deal with the news, a stranger that calls himself Nash arrives to give his condolences. He knew her father and her mother... and he knows about Mac. Nash talks about talents and Muses, tells Charlene that she's more than she knows and that her dad's death was no accident.

Now that everything has changed, Charlene is more grateful than ever to have Mac by her side. Together they will journey through a landscape of war and blood that has been built for thousands of years on lies, myths and religion. Everyone wants the young woman and her special abilities on their side of the fight, even if they have to take her by force.

Charlene is going to have to find the truth and make a choice, but in order to do that, she'll have to find out just how special she really is.

So, yeah. On Wednesday I think I will toss up an excerpt from the book. I'm crazy excited about it, still having a ton of fun with it, and can't wait to see what others think as it comes out.

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  1. The description of Clockwork Charlie sounds great. Makes me want to read the book.Will check out your short story.

  2. I'm glad you liked the description! Thanks for the consistently kind words :)