Monday, May 16, 2011

"Biting is excellent..." -The Doctor's Wife

Neil Gaiman's photo: Perhaps there's still someone who doesn't know that my episode of Dr Who goes out in the US & UK on Saturday. But I doubt it.
Neil Gaiman on WhoSay

First, I have to start today's post by saying, if you have not been watching Dr. Who this season, go watch it. Secondly, Neil Gaiman is a badass. He wrote this week's episode and it was amazing. The plot was killer; funny and scary and creepy all at the same time. My favorite line:

"Biting is excellent. It's like kissing, only there's a winner."- The Doctor's Wife

If, for some ungodly reason, you have not read anything from Mr. Gaiman, go do so now. Some of his great stuff includes, but is not limited to: American Gods, The Anansi Boys, Neverwhere (BBC show, book, graphic novel, etc), Fragile Things (short stories), and so, so much more. And it's all brilliant. I'm not afraid to say that I have a non-sexual, writer man crush on Neil Gaiman.

You should too.

I don't have a lot else to say that would be relevant...

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