Monday, August 17, 2015

There are things happening again!

Hello there!

I know it's been quite some time, but I'm not going to talk about all my time away here.  Not today, that's for a different post which I will be writing because there are important things I want to talk about which some of you may want hear... er, read.  But that's for another day.

TODAY I want to say hey there to all the folks who are still subscribed.  I've missed you. Have you been well?  I hope so.

I have some things happening, including a new mailing list (which I've never tried before, and so far it's very exciting).  If you are interested in getting three or four emails from me each month, telling you about new projects and news and discounts that may be going on, you can sign up for that bad boy Right Here.  Right now, new subscribers are getting the first book in my Gavin English Stories series for free, so if you don't have that already and you want to read it, sign up and get it for free.

Free is always better than not free.  How much do I love cheesecake?  It's pretty good.  How much do I love FREE cheesecake?  Holy hell it's the best thing ever!

See what I mean?

I have also played with the website a lot recently.  I am currently in love with the way it looks, but I'm probably biased, so if you all could give it a look and let me know what you think, that would be fantastic.  You can Click Here and visit or you can click on the new "The Website" link at the top of the page.  Or you can type it in yourself if you are one of those free-thinking, independent types.

So I have, in the last six months to a year, started and really dug into about six manuscripts for new stories.  One of those is almost ready to come out (hopefully the end of this month, beginning of the next) and two or three others will continue to be projects I will finish.  There are a couple, though, that I have simply fallen out of love with.  Probably around 150,000 words there (not including all the ones I already deleted from said manuscripts) that will get washed away.  And that's ok, it's part of the craft.

If you love every word you put to paper, good for you.  I hope I never have to read anything you write because you are clearly delusional, but still... good for you.  (My feelings on this matter may come from some of the freelance editing work I used to do, and I may be jaded. Sorry about that.)

Anyhow, more books are coming. I hope you will read one or two of them.

What about the blog?!

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with the blog yet, though I'm leaning towards turning it into a place where I can ramble about life and maybe do one or two book reviews a month.  With the mailing list, and the actual writing, and the "writing" I do to pay the bills (yeah, it's SEO content garbage-y stuff) I just kind of want to use this space for whatever is left over.

I might post once a week, I might post five times in a week if the mood is right.  Or I might not post more than once a month.  I'll be around as much as I can, because I still love the idea of blogging and the community that forms around it.  I just don't want it to feel like work.  Too many things feel like work.

Well, I suppose I've rambled enough here.  I hope things are going really well for you, don't forget to take care of yourself out there.

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