Sunday, September 30, 2012

To The Bone Day!

Wow, it's October 1st already!  I'm incredibly excited because that means that today is the official launch of To The Bone!

It's only $.99 and you can get it at Amazon or at Smashwords right now!  Just as a reminder, here's the blurb about the story:

Two teenage girls go missing in the span of one year- both are labeled runaways and forgotten by the system.

Forgotten, until Rachel, a determined mother, walks into the office of private investigator, Gavin English. She needs to know for sure what's happened to her daughter, Jennifer. A nice pair of legs and a little cash go a long way, so he's on the case.

When the mangled body of the first runaway is found downtown, and all the signs point to a cannibal, Gavin worries that Jennifer may suffer the same fate. Can he find the girl, and the killer, before it's too late?

To The Bone is a bloody, dark, and sexy Psychological Thriller, and the first Gavin English novella. 

And, to help get the new novella off to a good start, I am dropping The River Runes to free for today and tomorrow!  If you don't have your copy yet, go get it Here on Amazon for free! (Only the first and second of October) 

Anyone who helps me spread the word is my hero.  Seriously.  Especially you.

Yes, you.

No, not that guy.  You.


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