Monday, August 20, 2012

Things and Stuff

I've been gone for a while, kind of an unofficial hiatus.  Sorry about not giving warning, but life does get in the way sometimes.  Thanks for sticking around though!

I don't have a ton of news to share, but there are a couple of things.  Brace yourself!

I am ridiculously excited about Mars and the Curiosity and all the gorgeous photos and space-type amazingness.  If you have somehow missed out on all of that, go do the Google thing and get yourself a faceful.  Do it.  Now.  I'll wait.  (No, this isn't exactly news about me, but I'm excited so I'm sharing my excitement.  you're welcome.)

Ken!  You were going to tell us about how your marketing and stuff has affected your sales and stuff.  And stuff.

Right!  I'll do that now.  I haven't learned anything.  Sorry to disappoint, but I haven't seen any real changes with either the blog tour or the free Amazon days.  I did, however, give away several hundred books.  Hopefully some of them will be read by people just like you, and maybe even a few of them will enjoy the book.  That's what it's all about anyway, and I am very happy to gain any readers that I can.

Ken!  What about Clockwork Charlie and the next book in the Caithiir series?

Yeah...  Clockwork Charlie is still puttering along, but I've started another couple of things so I'm not as close to done as I would have liked.  It's going well though, and I'm still very excited about CC and I can't wait to get it out there for everyone.  As far as the next book in the Caithiir series goes, it's on the back burner for now.  Frankly, I have other things that I am in love with right now that I want to get done first.  It will be coming eventually, and the story is already pretty well outlined up in my brain meats.

Ken!  What other stuff are you working on?

I've started a noir style mystery/thriller that I'm having a lot of fun with.  The language is rough and the main character is rough and the violence is rough and the alcohol/drugs/sexiness is rough, so it's definitely not for the kiddos.  No title yet, but once I get it figured out I'll let you know.  I'm targeting this one at a much shorter word count (probably only 30,000 to 50,000 words) which might mean that it's a novella rather than a novel.  I'm never sure about the lengths of the different types of stories.

Ken!  What are you reading, and should we be reading it too?

Right now I'm reading The Mists of Avalon and Stories.  The Mists of Avalon is good so far, and has a lot of great Celtic religious stuff in it that I enjoy.  Honestly, it started out slow, but once you get to the meat of the story it's well worth it, in my opinion.  I'm also reading Stories, which is a collection of short stories by folks like Neil Gaiman, Chuck Palahniuk, Diana Wynne Jones, and a ton of others.  It's great and you should read it immediately.  That's all I have to say about that.

Ken!  Why do you keep doing this?

Because I'm bored and I like to imagine a whole lot of people just as excited as can be to hear what I have to say.

Alright, that's it for today.

Thanks for reading,
buh bye then

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