Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Introductions, rejections, and coffee (of course)

So, every time I start a new blog here, the hardest part is deciding how to start. Should I greet you (the reader) with a "hey there" or something maybe a bit funnier, or should I just hop right in? As you can see, today, I've jumped right in. You likey? Hmmm?

I stated in an earlier blog that I had sent out some early queries (you don't need to look, I really did). It was an early test-run, a bad experiment, a horrible idea... However, I think I've learned a few things from it.
1- I'm a little over-eager (I already knew this, but I want my list to be longer)
2- I'm not nearly as worried about criticism, now that the story is finished
3- Rejection letters aren't soul-crushing
4- Rejection letters are actually pretty inspiring for me
5- Rejection letters that aren't form letters make me feel pretty special ;)
6- I really love coffee (again, just trying to fill this sucker out a bit)

Anyhow, I'll let the letters continue to trickle in as I finish up my editing and revisions; using each one as a little flicker of inspiration to keep going (and a reminder to take things one step at a time!).

I'm still editing, still working with my crit partner, and still several steps from really having this book finished, but I can't stop thinking about my next project. I'm ok with that. It's very exciting, I'm going into a genre I've never written before (not even a short story), and it's going to take place in a time period that I've always been enthralled with (the roaring twenties!). I'm in love with this setting; flappers and prohibition and mobsters and dirigibles... etc. See, very exciting!

I think that's it...
Thanks for reading,
buh bye now


  1. The published world is ridiculas to break into. Don't loose hope, no matter how many rejection slips you get (I plan to cover an entire wall with mine next time we decorate...lol)

    Loving the new story idea...

  2. Bloggity Blog's just start however you want.
    And I am glad you are dealing with Rejection well.... but I hope you deal with excitement better.