Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Storm

So I wrote a poem not long ago, but without internet access, I didn't get to post it. I have the good ol' "webz" again, so I'm going to post it now. And away... we go!

Where is the bridge
To stand me away from the waves
The sand, the rush, the crash
Not the surf but the sand...
The waves.

Where is the bridge
To carry my scorched palms from the swell
deep beneath the salty, breaching foam
your hand, your eyes, your breath
Not the sex but the heat...
The waves.

Where is the bridge
To keep me dry through your storm
The sweat, the tears, your rain
Not the ocean but the cloud...
The waves.

Still and thorough, you beat against my roof
Hot and strong, you press on my shutters
If you are the storm, I need no bridge...
No curtain, no door, no roof
Come in, my storm, and rage forever with me.*

So that's one of the things I've written in the last month or so. As I already may have mentioned ;) I finished the novel, and have also written a short story. Things have been good in my world, more zen than in the recent past.

Good day

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