Monday, June 29, 2009

Slow Morning and excerpt from Chapter 1

The pages always seem to trickle in very slowly the first day after a weekend.

Before my coffee this morning, my brain was rusty and filled with pictures of snake faced baboons and babies using Monopoly boards for diapers. In my post dreamworld daze, I thought these things would be great to write about in some Gothic style Lewis Carol short story. Then, I spent ten minutes watching a godlike machine, made from white plastic and glass, pour hot water through ground up beans and realized that those images just don't make any sense... together.

So, it's almost noon and I've only been able to muster about 500 of my 2000 words for the day. That's not a huge shock, seeing as how I tend to write in short bursts and the interwebs call to me when my mind wanders from the story at hand. I have fallen into social networking with a vengeance, (though I don't twitter yet) and the urge to find out what my friends have done in the last ten minutes is sometimes overwhelming. Oh well, I'll get back to work soon... or eventually.

Since I didn't start this blog until after my first draft was about a third of the way done, I figure I will post an excerpt from each chapter about once a week.

So here goes:
With the sun growing now, straight along the horizon of trees, the jays began to move around next to him. The birds were readying themselves for a day of flight, food, and all other sorts of natural beauty, and he knew it was time for him to get to work. Breakfast could wait no longer.

As he made his way back down the tree, Bixby still felt the small rush of life from devouring the birds, and intermittent memories of their short lives fluttered through his mind. He quickly brushed those thoughts away and used a feather’s quill to pick the bone and sinew from his many sharp teeth. He would use the rest of the feathers to make Mother a headdress and perhaps, a pillow. Even with no idea when Mother would grace the woods with her presence again, she was still… Mother.

As he lightly dropped to the earth, he belched and then smiled, his deep purple eyes glowing. It was going to be a good day.

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